Getting your best friend home safely

QR code & NFC dog tags

We know our pets like to go on adventures without us (cheeky doggo’s), with a Paw Xplore dog tag, all your dog’s vital information is stored for a quick reunion.
Resin tags
About Paw Xplore

The Paw Xplore story began with dog disaster number 7,987.

With a four-legged dynamo each, Briana and Daniel knew there had to be a better way to bring home Ruby (a Houdini-esque escape artist) and Chilli (the tiny, furry Usain Bolt) every time they shot off (and it was many, so many times).

Get to know our story and meet Ruby and Chilli.

Smart dog tags that give your dog a voice
Metal tags

Less stress, less fuss and greater care

Once the QR code of the tag is scanned or the tag is tapped (NFC) with a smartphone, your dog’s profile opens in a web browser (no app required).

Their profile provides details of name, age, personality, likes, dislikes, your contact details (phone, email, address) and even the details of their vet in case of emergency – selected information can be made public or private, it’s up to you.

Silicone Tag
Paw Xplore Flat Out Tag

Paw Xplore Flat Out Tag


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Paw Xplore Xtra Subscription

For a small annual fee of $20, you can subscribe to our ‘Paw Xplore Xtra’ profile.

With a subscription, you’ll receive Xtra features like storage space to upload your dog’s health and vaccination records so it’s stored safely in one spot, add in their social media handles, and bump up with Xtra personality fields.

How our smart
dog tags work

Searching for and recovering a wayward hound can be stressful, time-consuming and costly (should your dog see the inside of the local pound).

Dog tags are a great way to identify your dog and get him/her back where they belong (at your feet!). However, traditional dog tags can often be hard to read, making it tricky for rescuers to contact you quickly – causing your dog further distress.

Paw Xplore is determined to provide a smart QR code / NFC dog tag that embraces digital technology, gives all dogs a way to tell people who they are, shines a light on their paw-some personalities and gives dog owners complete peace of mind.

Easy Setup

Easily set up your dog’s unique profile, no app required

Safe & Secure

Important data is stored securely – share as much or as little as you like

Cloud Storage

All your dog’s vital details stored in one place

PX Xtra

For $20/year unlock Xtra features like health and vaccination
record storage and
social media handles


Give your BFF (best furry friend) the voice they need when they’re separated from you – and do it in style. Whether made from metal or resin, Paw Xplore QR code & NFC dog tags are built to last.

When your precious pup is found, a pin can be dropped of your dog’s location

No app required for use

Made from waterproof and durable material

Store important medical records

Follow the pack

See Paw Xplore in action out and about every day.

Frolicking at the beach, chasing the neighbour’s kid on their scooter, sniffing bums at the park or snuggled up on their very favourite (out-of-bounds) spot on the couch – our smart dog tags are with your fur-tastic friends wherever they go, getting into whatever mischief they can dream up.