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What's the buzz about Paw Xplore?

Well, strap in for a tail-wagging journey! Paw Xplore is like the genius child in the pet tag family. It’s not your run-of-the-mill jingly-jangly tag, oh no! It’s a SMART tag. Just give it a quick scan or tap with a smartphone, and voila! You’ll be paws deep in your pet’s one-of-a-kind profile featuring important information such as health, behaviour, contact details and so much more. It’s the dog’s bollocks!

What is NFC?

Let’s break it down in dog terms!
NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Sounds a bit techy and boring, right? But bear with us. It’s actually like a magical sniffing nose for your smartphone! Just like how your furry friend can sniff out a hidden treat in no time, NFC allows your smartphone to ‘sniff out’ information from other devices or tags when they get super close.

So, in Paw Xplore terms, when you tap our spiffy pet tags with your phone, your phone’s NFC is the clever tech that lets you access all the important (and fun!) stuff about your pet right away. Neat, huh?

So, next time someone tries to bamboozle you with tech talk, just remember: NFC = Nose For Communication (not really, but it helps to remember!). Keep on xploring!

What can I pack into my pet's profile?

Think of your pet’s profile like a bottomless treat bag! This isn’t your usual ‘name and phone number’ tag – that’s so last season. With Paw Xplore, you can load up your pet’s profile with oodles more info than your old dog tag could dream of holding.

We’re talking ‘health, behaviour, how to comfort, vet details, medical records plus more – you name it, we’ve thought of it. It’s the dog’s dinner of pet profiles!

Do I have to shell out for a subscription?

Good news and even better news, pawrents! First, the good news: setting up a basic profile for your furry friend on Paw Xplore won’t cost you a single treat from your pocket. It’s absolutely free, no strings attached!

Now, the even better news: we do have a jazzy PX Xtra package that’s as snazzy as a diamond-studded collar. For just $20 per year, you’ll unlock a dog park’s worth of xtra fields to pimp up your dog’s profile! You can add their social media profile, medical records, and so much more. We like to think of it as the VIP (Very Important Poouch) package! What’s not to love?”

How is my data kept safe?

We take data security as serious as your dog takes ‘gentle, gentle, gentle, when sitting and waiting to be fed a treat.

Can I set up multiple pets under my username?

You sure can, just click on add member and a new pet profile can be populated.

My cat is jealous of the dogs Paw Xplore tag (of course they are!), is Paw Xplore suitable for my jealous cat?

There is room for everyone, your Cat can have a Paw Xplore tag…to even up the score.

Will I get a new tag if mine goes kaput?

You betcha! With a PX subscription, if your tag decides to play dead within the first 3 years, we’ll fetch you a fresh one!

How is a Paw Xplore tag different to a traditional dog tag?

 Traditional Dog TagPaw Xplore QR Code/NFC Tag
Information CapacityLimited to what can be physically engraved, typically just a name and phone number.Digital profile allows for a wealth of information including health details, behavior, vet details, social media handles, and much more.
FunctionalityJust a physical tag with no digital features.Can be scanned or tapped with a smartphone to reveal a pet’s unique digital profile. Includes passive GPS tracking and can send location of where tag was scanned.
User EngagementNo interactive features.Provides engagement by encouraging user interaction and discovery via scanning.
Safety FeaturesOffers limited assistance in finding a lost pet, reliant on someone finding the pet and calling the number on the tag.Advanced safety features like instant access to crucial information, passive GPS tracking, and location sending can aid in the quick return of a lost pet. Plus, anyone with a smartphone can access the pet’s profile.

Can I track my dog?

If your dog is on the tear and the PAw Xplore dog tag is scanned, the person scanning it can opt to send the location of where they are with your dog. Our tags do not have GPS real time tracking.

Where can Paw Xplore tags adventure to?

Our Paw Xplore tags are stoked to trot out to all corners of Australia and New Zealand. So, whether you’re from the Outback or Auckland, we’ve got you covered!

When can I Xpect my order?

Depending on how fast your postie is on their bike, you should expect to see your Paw Xplore dog tag within a week of ordering. If you’re in NZ, it’s going to take longer as we have to send your tag over the ditch!