About Paw Xplore

Woof! We’re Briana and Daniel – paw-rents to a couple of spirited and cheeky pups that love the taste of freedom and to feel the wind in their fur as they run wild.


The Paw Xplore story begins with our two four-legged dynamos. Daniel’s dog, a Houdini-esque escape artist – Ruby the Beagle and Briana’s tiny, furry Usain Bolt – Chilli the Jack Russell x Pug ‘Jug’.

After Ruby escaped for the 999th time, she came home with a handwritten note under her collar. Ruby’s collar had a dog ID tag with Daniel’s contact details swinging from it – but it had become unreadable. So, here she was, living her best life roaming around regional Victoria without her paw-rents contact details.

Briana’s Chilli the Jug is the definition of a bolter. If you leave the garden gate open – she’s gone. Just ask any tradesman at Briana’s house, “Um, one minute she was here, and the next she was gone.” Chilli’s managed to evade builders, plumbers and a sparky – she sees a weakness and does not hesitate to take advantage!

We wanted a way to protect our cheeky pups when they (inevitably) run away – which is how Paw Xplore QR code dog tags came to be. We were determined to design Paw Xplore as a trackable dog tag, embracing innovative digital technology while giving our pups a way to tell strangers who they are. 

We often say that we wish Ruby and Chilli could talk. With Paw Xplore dog ID tags, we give our dogs a voice and shine a light on those rascally personalities. 


Keep your friend safe

Our aim is for every pup to have a Paw Xplore QR code dog tag to keep them safe, save worried owners pound fees, and quickly reunite you with your own (escape-artist/bolter) furry family member. Less stress, less fuss and greater care.​