Smart dog ID tags with QR code

Paw Xplore dog ID tags come in two unique styles – a round swing tag, in resin or resin with metal edging or a streamlined flat-out dog ID that attaches flush to the collar. Created using durable, waterproof materials and available in a range of colours, our smart dog ID tags will last no matter how much mischief your pooch gets up to in the day.

QR Code Dog Swing Tag - Resin

Our resin Swing smart dog tags are for doggos that like a bit of bling and and alot of adventure.

QR Code Dog Swing Tag with metal edge

Our resin Swing with metal edge smart dog tags are for doggos that like a bit of bling and jingle and aren’t afraid to show it.

Flat-out QR dog tag

Our Flat-out QR dog tag is for doggos on the go! Sleek in design, the Flat-out will slide beautifully onto your dog’s collar

How PX smart dog ID tags work

When you receive your tag, register and fill out your dog’s profile.

Fill in as many fields as you like and mark each field as public or private

When someone scans or taps on your dog’s ID tag, a browser opens – no app is required
The fields you’ve set to public will be displayed with a request to text, call or pin location to the owner

Update or edit your profile as often as needed through the Paw Xplore website

Pup profile

Your dog’s ID tag holds all the vital information about them.

  • Profile photo
  • Name and nicknames
  • Breed
  • Owner’s contact information (phone, text, pin drop location)
  • DOB
  • Sex
  • Microchipped
  • Desexed
  • Health
  • If I could talk right now, this is what I’d say
  • How to comfort me

Want access to more fields? ​

Consider Paw Xplore Xtra for a small annual fee.​

Paw Xplore Xtra

With all of your furry family member’s information now in one place, you can utilise your Paw Xplore smart dog ID tag as a secure repository for their medical information as well.

For an annual subscription fee of $20, Paw Xplore’s ‘Xtra’ gives you access to additional profile features.

  • Up to three images
  • Medical records and vaccination certificate storage
  • Social media handles
  • Vet details
  • My behaviour/nature
  • Favourite things to do
  • My best friend

$20.00 / year with a 30-day free trialSign up now

Paw Xplore profile featureFREE                             SUBSCRIPTION
Dog profile photo
Up to three images
Unlimited profile edits
Name and nickname
Owner’s contact details
DOB and sex
Microchipped, desexed, health
If I could talk right now
How to comfort me
Medical records and vax certificate storage
Social media handles
Vet’s details
My behaviour/nature
Favourite thing to do
My best friend is
One tag replacement in the first five years